What is willpower?

George Ainslie is one of the most prolific and influential thinkers working today on questions around self-control, willpower, and intertemporal choice. I therefore feel lucky to have been able to comment on his compelling and insightful new summary of his long-standing research in this area: “Willpower with and without effort” in the journal Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

Here is the abstract introducing Ainslie’s new paper:

And here is the abstract of our commentary, in which we attempt to link ideas of resolve to recent advances in the study of deliberation – particularly in the context of prospection and metacognition: our abilities to think about the future and to think about our own thinking.

You can read the article here on the BBS website, alongside our commentary and many other very insightful ones. And here’s a link to an open access version of our commentary. Thanks for reading!